As the lips do not have their own oils that’s why whenever they get dry they starts suffering from the lack of moisture which also led to cracks on it. In winter session when the temperature drops are sharp, lips often become dry and chapped with inflammation, to avoid this we all must follow some simple rules to take care of our lips.

Drinking as much water as you can is something which will not going to help you out in this deadly winter, they will get dry even after this. There are some tips to take care of your lips easily at home without hurting the tender skin of your lips.


These are….

For lip care it is important to moisturize the skin of your lips again and again in the day time and also even in the night before going to bed. Buy some lip balms or lip care sticks for that, keep one of them in your home and place another in your purse and one more in your pocket.

  • If you are going to use balsamic lip balms then it’s better to avoid the products with glycerin, petrochemical ingredients in it.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as much as you can, they hurt your tender lips deeply, which can cause to have pains in your lips due to dryness.
  • Do not use decorative lipsticks specially the permanent one for the entire day, which can cause to block the skin pores and led to dryness. If you still need to apply the decorative one then do not forget to apply the balsams before it.
  • You can use the lip glosses as well if it is containing the moisturizing oils in it, and it also comes with attractive colors so you do not need to apply the lipsticks on your lips.
  • Mark a day to apply scrubber on your lips in every week, the one you use to apply on your face will suit perfectly on it too. If you do not want to apply those scrubber on your lips or getting frightened of then you can mix 2 tea spoons of semolina and a half tea spoon of honey, and gently massage the mixture to your lips and use a soft tooth brush to exfoliate the dead skin cells on it. It is one of the effective treatments for intense lip care.


So these are the tips to follow to protect the skin of your lips from dryness in winter. If you do not have much time to spend on all this then you can visit this website to get all the information about them. They are the leading online store who only sell the branded products for every of your needs.

Get directed on this website and check all the details you need about them, you can get a lot of products of renowned brands for lip care. In this website you can check the testimonial too of their other customers who had been served by them earlier.


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