Hair problem is too common to almost everyone in probably everywhere. Wherever you go, you will find both men and women are suffering with various hair issues. Singapore is such a place where people from different parts of the world visit for various purposes now, you can get the best solution for hair care in Singapore.

Mothers are giving advice to oil you’re your hair or conditioning for hair care. But you are eager to do hair spa rather than regular hair care. Here are few tips you may follow


Proper diet and nutrition

The first thing is to maintain your hair is diet. Do take iron and protein. If you don’t take proper food it will affect your hair.Go with iron foods like chicken, beef, tuna, beans, spinach, fish, seeds, pumpkin, beans, soybeans, and cereals etc.

The protein items including yogurt, cheese, eggs, milk, meat, tuna, octopus, salmon, beans, lentils, bacon, peanut butter, nuts, green peas, noodles, soy and many more.

How to maintain nutritious hair?

It’s too normal to lose 10 to 15 strands in day. If the old ones don’t fall then the new will not come out. So, it’s not a matter of your anxiety.

•         Try to avoid comb wet hair or do this with utmost care. As there is more chance to breakage. Never use narrow tooth comb for wet hair. Use broad comb and move it from roots to ends. Do this tenderly.
•         To get rid of the cleave ends trim your hair within three to four months. Slit a little bit of the ends of your strands that your hair get taller faster.
•         When you wash your hair, you must use the conditioner for a smooth touch. You can also use live in conditioner or serum to get a shiny effect. Never use conditioner on the roots as it can damage your hair. Use same brand of shampoo and conditioner.
•         Wash your hair with cold water. Avoid warm water.
•         Try to avoid coloring if you have dry hair. But if you can’t stop yourself to does that use tea, lemon and honey for hair care and treatment.  Keep the lemon juice in a bottle and spray it all over your hair. For the ready made use hair tonic. Wash your hair with tea or use herbal shampoo and hair conditioner.

The best herbal solution

Yes, many of us already know that there are many different types of herbal products are now available in the market that are equally able to provide perfect solutions to all types of hair problems. Some of those are globally accepted by millions of users and this certainly deserves mention because these are very easy to use and capable of providing the results much quicker. To know more you can visit the site- check out this site to get a better idea of hair care products. Here you can find the best quality herbal solutions for your skin and hair and that will really help you to get rid of any hair problems.


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